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Hovercraft Design and Construction

Argos Hover-Systems

This hovercraft has been designed using naval architecture concepts that have led to a strong and stable boat, highly reliable and safe on all operating conditions. Its wide cabin accepts up to 9 seats plus pilot or up to 4 stretchers and 5 seats plus pilot for the ambulance version. Propulsion is through a 420 HP GM marine gasoline engine with which this hovercraft can achieve over 50 knots over water and can climb over 15% gradient slopes.

The high speed, amphibious properties and the capability to operate in very adverse weather conditions or over difficult terrain, together with its ample cabin make of this hovercraft a very efficient means to accomplish the tasks for which it was designed with a high efficiency to cost ratio.

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With a capacity for up to 9 passengers or 4 stretchers + 5 seats the AHS-8/TC hovercraft has been especially designed for applications where a high speed, good manoeuvrability and a strong capabilty to operate over high waves or difficult terrain are of special interest.

Some of these applications are:

- Surveillance: borders or fisheries.

- Search&Rescue or water ambulance.

- Personnel transport to oil exploration sites in inaccessible areas.

- Water taxi or passenger transport.

In addition to its high speed, the most remarkable feature of this hovercraft is its capability to operate over high waves in regard to its size and in strong winds, thanks to its high-stability lift system and the high installed power. The latter also allows this hovercraft to climb very steep slopes.


Overall Length: 8.55 m

Hull Length: 7.94 m

Overall Beam: 3.44 m

Hull Beam: 2.55 m

Air Cushion Height: 50 cm

Operating Height (w/o antennas): 3.06 m

Total Load Capacity: 1,000 Kg.

Standard Fuel Capacity: 150 litres

Total Installed Power: 420 HP

Standard Accommodation:

- Passengers: 9 seats.

- Crew: 1 pilot.

Max. Speed (over water): 45 - 50 knots.

Cruise Speed: 30 - 35 knots.

Standard Endurance: 3 hours.

Max. Wave Height (Passenger Ops.): 0.80 m

Max. Wave Height (Military Ops.): 1.00 m

Maximum Wind: 7 Beaufort (30 knots).

Maximum slope: 15%


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