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Hovercraft Design and Construction

Argos Hover-Systems

Technology Transfer

On the basis of the hovercraft technology developed, Argos Hover-Systems also offers the possibility to establish Technology Transfer agreements with shipyards or customers.

The Technology Transfer can be set up from just a final assembly at the customer's facilities up to the complete manufacturing process, possibly also including the participation of the Licensee in the detailed design. Argos Hover-Systems can also supply all those pieces of equipment of the flexible structure (skirt) and of the hovercraft machinery that the Licensee may wish to subcontract.

The scenario of minimum Argos Hover-Systems contribution would mean that our company would only supply the General Design, as well as an adequate technical assistance, so that the Licensee could carry out the detailed design, the manufacturing, the assembly and the operational tests without any difficulty.

The maximum contribution of Argos Hover-Systems in Technology Transfer agreements can include the supply of all prefabricated structures and subassemblies in kit form by our company, including all pieces of equipment for the machinery, the auxiliary systems and the navigation systems, so that the Licensee only needs to carry out the Final Assembly at its own premises.

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