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Hovercraft Design and Construction

Argos Hover-Systems

The AHS-12/TF hovercraft has been especially designed for passenger transport on short routes on inland or coastal waters with a maximum capacity of 25 passengers, but it can also be adapted to military, boarder patrol or surveillance applications. This hovercraft is based on a very simple design using gasoline engines, so that payload and speed are maximized in regard to its cost, offering a very low cost/passenger ratio.

The most remarkable feature of this hovercraft is its great operative capability in high wave and wind contitions in regard to its size. This is achieved thanks to the exclusive high stability lift system installed. In high seas and strong winds this hovercraft amply exceeds the operational capability of other hovercraft of similar sizes.

The AHS-12/TF can carry up to 25 passengers and a crew of two or 20 passengers and a toilet cabinet. Its standard endurance is 5 hours. With the standard gasoline engines it can achieve a comfortable cruise speed of over 30 knots over water in average weather conditions.

AHS-12/TF - Pasenger transport


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The marine concepts that have been applied in the design of this hovercraft have led to a very strong and stable craft with a high standard of safety and reliability in all operating conditions. Its high speed, amphibious qualities and capability to operate in adverse weather conditions in regard to its size make this hovercraft a very cost-effective and efficient means for amphibious and high speed passenger transport, patrol or surveillance operations in short or medium range routes in inland or protected coastal waters.

Below are some drawings and images of this design.

Main Specifications:

Maximum Length 12.26 m (40 ft 3 in)

Hull Length: 11.51 m (39 ft 9 in)

Maximum Beam: 5.51 m (18 ft 1 in)

Hull Beam: 4.08 m (13 ft 5 in)

Air Cushion Height: 80 cm (2 ft 7 in)

Height on cushion (w/out antennas): 4.17 m

                                                      (13 ft 8 in)

Total Load Capacity: 2,500 Kg (5,500 lbs).

Standard Fuel Capacity: 350 liters (92 gal)

Total installed Power: 700 HP

Internal Capacity:

- Passenger Cabin: 20 / 25 seats.

- Control station: 2 crew seats.

- Cabin length: 5.62 m (18 ft 5 in)

- Cabin width: 3.68 m (12 ft 1 in)

- Cabin headroom: 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in)

Maximum Speed: 40 - 45 knots.

Cruise Speed: 30 - 35 knots.

Standard Endurance: 5 hours.

Maximum Recommended Wave Height:

   1.20 m (4 ft)

Maximum Safe Wave Height: 1.60 m

                                                (5 ft 3 in)

Maximum Wind: 7 Beaufort.


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